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Plots For Sale

● People invest at different stages of their life for different purposes.

● Some of them have an idea to construct a home and move in to save the money spent on house rents.

● Some of them with the idea of a good investment for good future returns.

● Some of them want to leave a legacy behind for children or grandchildren.

● So, it is very important to select a plot for sale that is a profitable and safe location.

Builders in Chennai Will Helps you to choose profitable plots in profitable locations


It is essential that what might sound like a good investment today, must be a lifetime good achievement for us

● Decide what works best for us

● Make a wise plan, do proper research

● Confirm the financial position and the availability of funds and bank loans before getting into the investment process.

● Think rationally about EMIs and independently without other intervention

● Take enough time to do the above to choose a plot for sale.

● Be clever to select the plot which is selling much below the market value and will sell much above the market value in future

● Concentrate on the areas which you have heard of and familiar with instead of getting into totally unfamiliar areas.

● Look at the genuine development status of the area rather than what it is stated in Advertisements

● Directly put your feet and make a personal visit to the site and get more authentic details about the nature of the area

● Ask yourself, At what price should I buy to be able to make money on my purchase?

● Ask yourself, Are you looking for short-term gains or long-term gains?

● The flats will satisfy short-term gains

● The plots, the value appreciation will be good. The resale value will be good in the future and satisfy our long-term gains.

● The areas of more residential locations with fresh air and good water availability is ideal

● In the case of developing areas, the rates are normal now and shooting up gradually.

● Be wise enough to grab the plots of developing nature before it reaches saturation point

● Be clear about the fact that some areas will give an excellent profit even in dull market situations.

● Always try to avoid already developed areas.

● It is better to look at areas of new developments and demand that are largely undiscovered.

● The plots should have clearly marked access to public streets/roads/pathways.

● The plots situated with a front directly facing on the street/road are better.

● Check the proper connectivity in terms of roads and Public transport system

● Find out the availability of social infrastructure facilities like good hospitals, good private and public

schools, all kinds of need satisfying shops with all modes of transport.

● Find out the guideline rate of the area at land for sale.

● It will help us to determine the market value of the property.

● Try to get some discounts, it will help us to save some money on registration costs.


● The safety of the location should be confirmed with the following check-ups

● Check properly the plot area is free from Encroachment issues

● Sometimes the lands may be illegally encroached upon.

● It will lead to land disputes or civil or criminal cases.

● Check the clear boundary walls and fencing details

● Check the name board of the layout

● Check and confirm the street light posts are erected in proper places.

● Check the presence of land by occupying land for sale in Chennai.

● If the property is within the corporation limits, then the property should be properly approved by the CMDA.

● The CMDA approval is essential in this case.

● If the property is within the metro limits, then the property should be properly approved by the DTCP.

● The DTCP approval is essential in this case.

● Nowadays, the RERA approval is a must

● Find an Advocate who is good at evaluating titles.

● Check whether the seller has a proper title and the essentials documents are perfect and free from legal problems

● If there are anomalies, then make suitable amends with the advice of the Advocate.


● By doing the proper homework and the above-mentioned analysis, we can avoid post-purchase regrets.

● It is essential to do proper checks and analyses to arrive at a good decision.

● It will help us for good investment with good future returns.

● The guduvanchery is an ideal location surrounded by lakes and all the safe and infrastructural facilities.

● The Namma family builder and developer located in guduvanchery is doing great work in real estate investment activities.



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